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Dear friends of the Bonaire Regatta. We are working hard on a new version of this year event. It will be a lot different as in the past years.

First of all we moved back to Sunset Beach also known as Coco Beach, the beach of the former Hotel Bonaire. Home of the Bonaire Regatta for many years in the past.


Both sailing races as a whole improved festival will be held on or in front of this beach.

The festival will provide you the whole day long live music and entertainment from local and international artists.

A food court with all kinds of food and drinks, a kids play ground with bouncers, sports and games.


Sailing Courses

This year most of the sailing races will be held in between the main island and Klein Bonaire or on the North side of Klein Bonaire. For most of the sea going sailing yachts, there will be two shorter courses in the morning and a longer race in the afternoon. For small categories like the Optimist and Sunfish, there will be races in between the islands.


For smaller categories like the Optimist and Sunfish there will by a separate course. Courses in the shape of an Olympic triangle in between the main island and Klein Bonaire.


So for everybody there will be a lot of Serious Sailing! But of course there will be enough time to enjoy the festival as well!


Start and Finish from the beach

This year the start line for most races will be located in front of the beach of Klein Bonaire. Starts will be made between an orange flag on the beach and an orange marker approx. 250 meters north in front of the beach.

Start Signals and coarse indications will be given from the beach in an extension of this starting line.

The finish line will be situated in front of Sunset Beach. In between a blue flag on the tower and a white and red (Budget Marine) buoy on the other side of the line. Approx. 75 meters from the shore.


Boat transport
Transportation from small boats and windsurf equipment in between Bonaire, Aruba and Curacao will be sponsored by the DON ANDRES.
2 containers will be available at the Curacao Sea Scouts (Zeeverkennerij) from Friday, September 25th trough Sunday, September 27th to load boats and equipment for the Bonaire Regatta.
For boats and equipment from Aruba there will be a container available at …. (location will be specified)  Saturday, September 19th.

For questions regarding transport and the sailing races, please email or call:

Viktor Wijnand
(5999) 5235491


Customs and Immigration

To make it a little easier for our participants. We invited both Customs and Immigration to be present at the regatta office at Eden Beach during registration on Wednesday, October 7th, from 16:00 till 18:00. So it's not necessary to go to their office downtown.

Also on the end of the regatta on Sunday, October 11th. Customs and Immigration will be present from 08:00 till 10:00 at the regatta office to check out before you go back home.

Regulations as mentioned above are for participating sailboats only! All other visiting vessels must go to the Customs and Immigration office downtown in the city center first, before they dock their boat in the marina or on a mooring !!!!

-   Permit for departure from country of origin
-   Valid boat registration papers or ship's papers
-   Customs Clearance Pleasure boats
-   When arriving with freight, cargo declaration documents
-   If boats come to Boaire with freight, cargo documents are needed

List with all goods aboard and their values

-   Passports of all crew members
Download Customs Clearance Pleasure boats
Download Immigration Clearance Form



October 7th till October 10th, 2015


Dear friends of the Bonaire Regatta. We worked hard on to present to you a complete new version of the event. It will be a lot different as in the past years. As we mentioned before we moved to Coco Beach the former Sunset Beach next to the Eden Beach Resort.

So we are proud to announce that the 48 edition of the Bonaire International Sailing Regatta is about to begin! One week of sailing, fun and excitement on the waters between Klein Bonaire and the main island and on the beach.


From October 7th thru October 10th, the bay north of Klein Bonaire will be filled with sails from all kinds of sailing divisions. Like Sunfishes, Optimists, beach cats and Sailing yachts. All competing a whole week for their class championship.


We changed the set-up for our Windsurfers. In the morning hours there will be course races on the same course as the beach cats. But to make the bonaire Regatta more accessible to a bigger group of windsurfers, we will do figure 8 slalom races in the afternoon on Thursday, October 8th and Friday, October th.

Kite boarding is back on the schedule as well. This group will have there races on the end of the afternoon. There will be a slalom for this group in between the beach of Klein Bonaire and a marker in the bay of Kralendijk close to the Plasa Resort.

And that is not all! Together with our sponsor Budget Marine a fishing tournament and a after party will be organized on the end of the week. Saturday, for those who like to enjoy the fish and party on the water but without the sails.

On behalf of the Regatta Team

Viktor Wijnand


General Contact info Contact info Sailing  

Hennyson Thielman +599 7953298
Jiwan Gonesh +5999 5106042
Sulvienne Martijn +599 7859073
Marvin Abdul +599 7001049 (Activities)
Caryn Correa +599 7967786 (Stands)
Sherdeuna Bernabela +599 7860589 (VIP)
Of email :

Viktor Wijnand
+5999 5235491

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