October 13th till October 15th, 2016

Dear friends of the Bonaire Regatta. We are proud to announce that the 49th edition of the Bonaire International Sailing Regatta is on its way! Long weekend of sailing, fun and excitement on and around the waters of the bay in Kralendijk.

From October 13th till October 15th, the bay will be filled with sails from all kinds of sailing divisions. Like Sunfishes, Optimists, beach cats and Sailing yachts. All competing a long weekend for their class championship.

Windsurfers and kiters will be present as well. Windsurfers will compete in slalom races held on Saturday held in front of the beach of Klein Bonaire. Kiters will have their long distance races from Atlantis beach and finish at Klein Bonaire. Furter on Friday and Saturday afternoon, we host the solar boat races in fron of Spice and Coco beach. Organized by Global Solar Investments and Risun Solar Caribbean in co-operation with the SGB

And that is not all! Together with our sponsor Budget Marine a fishing tournament and a after party will be organized on Saturday as well, for those who like to enjoy to fish and party on the water but without the sails.

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Gratitude to our Sponsors who made it all possible by their gifts and donations. We are them very thankful!




Sailing races

Like last year we will have a lot of sailing classes present during the Bonaire Regatta. Opimist, Sunfish, laser, Yachts, windsurfing and Kite boarding.


Kite boarding

Kiters will do there long distance race from Atlantis Beach to the beach of Klein Bonaire. There will be a race on Friday and Saturday afternoon.


Solar boat Races

Back on the program are the Solar Boats. Hischool kids from the SGB will compete in 2 sesions of races on Friday and Saturday afternoon in front of Coco and Spice beach.

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General Contact

Hype Events
Hennyson Thielman
Phone: (599) 795 3298

Email: hype.events@hotmail.com
Website: www.bonaireregatta.org

Sailing Contact

Viktor Wijnand
Phone: (5999) 523 5491

Email: viktor.wijnand@gmail.com
Website: www.bonaireregatta.org


All information on this website is tentative and subject to changes. A final version of information for sailors provided on this website will be posted on the Official Notice Board during the day of the regatta at the venue site above Spice Beach Bar at the Eden beach.