October 13th till October 15th, 2016
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The sea around Bonaire, including Lac and around Klein Bonaire, is protected and managed by STINAPA through the Bonaire National Marine Park. The Marine Park is from the high water mark, to the depth of 60 meters (200ft). Therefore, all users of the waters of Bonaire enter the Bonaire National Marine Park, and by doing so, they are required to pay an entrance fee we call the Nature Fee*.

This fee is $25 for SCUBA divers and $10 for non-SCUBA divers for one calendar year. Day passes are also available at $10 for one day of SCUBA diving.

Having paid the $10 Marine Park entrance fee, Nature Fee, you can engage in any activity in the Bonaire National Marine Park like: swimming, snorkeling, boating, visiting Klein Bonaire, kayaking, fishing, water skiing, wind surfing, kite boarding, wake boarding. By paying $25 you can do all the activities mentioned as well as SCUBA dive.

Users who pay the calendar-year admission receive a receipt in their name, and a tag. The receipt and the tag have matching numbers. As proof of payment of the admission fee users should carry both the tag and the receipt. The tag should be carried or worn on a place where it is visible: on the BCD for SCUBA divers and around the neck for non SCUBA divers. The receipt can be kept in your wallet, waterproof pocket of dive bag or beach bag.
The yearly admission includes entry into Washington Slagbaai National Park. You will need to show your receipt as proof of payment of the yearly Nature Fee (the white coupon you receive after you have filled in your name etc. when you pay the Nature Fee) and a picture ID or a copy (C-card, driver's license, etc.). The day pass proof of payment, however, is a ticket that does not include entry into Washington Slagbaai National Park.
The Nature Fee is paid on a per-person basis and is not transferable. Participants of the Bonaire Regatta can pay their Nature Fee on registration at the regatta office on top of Spice Beach Bar at the Eden Beach Resort or at one of the dive centers, the activity desks of hotels, through providers of activities in the Bonaire National Marine Park, or at the Visitor Center at the entrance to Washington Slagbaai National Park.

The income from the Nature Fee enables us to manage our parks, guaranteeing Bonaire's lasting success in nature protection and conservation.

*Payment of the entrance fee to the Bonaire National Marine Park is required by law (Law Day pass Dive & Law Entrance BNMP): Marine Ordinance A.B.1991 no. 8 article 2A A. B. 2005 no. 10 article 2 - 1 & 2.

Spear fishing: spear fishing and the possession of spear fishing equipment is prohibited. If you have a spear gun please leave it with the Customs Office while you are on Bonaire.

Collecting: It is prohibited to remove anything, alive or dead, from the BNMP. In exception to this prohibition are fish caught using traditional fishing practices.

A special note to our visitors: Do not collect seashells, sea fans, sand, or dead pieces of any type of coral. This includes purchased souvenirs that may include any of the mentioned items. These items will be intercepted by the customs x-ray machines upon your departure and will be removed from your luggage. This can lead to unnecessary delays of your flight.

Campfires: while full moon in the tropics can be very romantic, lighting campfires on the beach at any time is forbidden on Bonaire.

Anchoring is not allowed. Regulations for use of public buoys (the buoys with the yellow marker): First come first serve; the buoy cannot be reserved. Boat longer than 45 feet (15 meters) cannot tie on to the buoy. Only one boat per buoy or up to three small boats of 12 feet (3 meters). Time limit on a buoy is maximum two hours.
A boat is not allowed to overnight on a buoy.

Sail boats with tall masts or fishing boats with tall towers are not allowed to tie on to the buoys along the length of the landing strip of the airport (buoys number 36 and 37).

Use of the buoys is at your own risk.

Jet skis and water skiers are not allowed to take off full speed until they are in the dark blue water.

The international 'rules of the road' for how to avoid collision should be adhered to in the waters of the BNMP.

PLEASE DO NOT LITTER! Help us protect our reefs and marine life by being particularly careful with plastics and other non-biodegradable items.


Always tie from the bow.

The tie on line should not be shorter than 18 feet (6 meters).

Regulations for how to navigate in the BNMP:

Always navigate on the seaside of the mooring buoys in the dark blue water.

Pass at least 50 meters away from a boat tied to a buoy. Or 100 meters if divers are in the water.

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All information on this website is tentative and subject to changes. A final version of information for sailors provided on this website will be posted on the Official Notice Board during the day of the regatta at the venue site above Spice Beach Bar at the Eden beach.